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Companies & Gossip

One definition of Gossip is “a form of communications that an individual(s) participates in for the purpose of discussion, or passing onto to others, hearsay information.”   In the past year, several new sites and apps have been created to  "modernize office gossip." Memo recently celebrated its one year...


When Your Employees Resign

No one wants to be rejected. When it happens, we take it personally and go through stages of hurt, anger and resolution.   When your employees leave your firm, you may travel the same path. However, employees typically make a decision to “fly the nest” only...

Mr Know It All

The Civil Engineering Boss Who “Knows It All”

There is an old saying, "Those who think they know everything, annoy those of us who really do!" :)   We work for them, next to them or with them. The civil engineer who "knows it all." Just ask him and he will tell you. And he will...