Hoover Dam

Demand For Engineers Increases: Infrastructure Asset Management & Sustainability

Engineers that understand infrastructure asset management are in demand within the U.S. engineering marketplace. Infrastructure asset management specifically focuses on the need to sustain structures such as highways, bridges, water treatment facilities, electric utility and transmission lines in addition to many others. Mounting pressures to cut...

Sustainable Highways

Sustainable Highways, Transportation & GREENROADS?

The Civil Engineering Central blogs have often discussed the need for sustainable transportation in the U.S. Whether we discussed transit, high speed rail, the SCHWEEB or SkyTran, we are fascinated with the concept of finding a way to be better to our planet while getting where...

sustainability engineering

Sustainability in Civil Engineering — Part 2

In 2008, I posted a brief blog titled "Sustainability in Civil Engineering." Now, three years later, I asked several civil engineering leaders to discuss this topic. For example: Do clients request or require sustainable design? Is there a difference in cost on sustainable design projects? What else do you...